McCreary Roberts Folk Tales Collection

McCreary Roberts is a retired Breathitt County educator, former newspaper columnist, and well-known folk tale collector. He now lives in Ohio. His work is featured each month in our sister magazine, "The Kentucky Explorer."

We include his folk tales here in this collection for your reading pleasure.

March 2000: The Wedding Night

April 2000: Old Farmer Was A Miser

May 2000: A Snake In The Bed

June 2000: Magisterial Courts

July - August 2000: When Schools Convened In July

September 2000: Floating Logs To Market

October 2000: Playing A Practical Joke

November 2000: Shooting The Ghost

December - January 2001: Fooled By A Thick Fog

February 2001: Old Soldier

March 2001: When Wolves, Painters & B'ars Were Plentiful

April 2001: Big Pat's Adventure With A Pig Well

May 2001: Big Pat's Narrow Escape

June 2001: When Daniel Boone Changed Into A Buzzard

July - August 2001: The Devil And Jockey Jim