The James Clell Neace Collection

James Clell Neace, 377 Freedom Road, Blackville, SC 29817-4533, is a native of Breathitt County and a regular contributor to our sister magazine, "The Kentucky Explorer."

In March 2001, Neace wrote to us saying that he was retiring from submitting monthly articles to the magazine, due to failing health. We therefore include his past articles in this collection for your reading pleasure.

July - August 2001: A Short History Of The Kentucky Long Rifle

June 2001: CCC Camps: Life On The Inside

May 2001: Most Pioneer Homes In Kentucky Were Built Of Hewn Logs

April 2001: Country Roads Were Rough & Messy In Rural Kentucky

March 2001: Old Kentucky Folk Tales Making A Comeback

February 2001: Sleds Served Pioneers Into 20th Century

December/January 2001: Christmastime in the Mountains

November 2000: Kentucky Had Two Confederate Governors

October 2000: Kentucky's Early Pioneer Physicians

September 2000: Neal & "Curley" Collins Left Legacy in Country Music